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* Where is my download?

* Are you downloading to a smartphone?

If you have tried to download to a smartphone or tablet please be aware that you may not be able to find your song on your phone….ever! Each time you hit refresh the song downloads again but you can’t see it happening. Most smartphones and tablets are not designed to let you browse through individual files in the way that you can on a personal computer or laptop. If you have reached the maximum download limit for your song because you were trying to download to a smartphone please email info@btracks.com and I will send you your song via email. Please note that downloading to a smartphone is not a B-tracks error, it is simply a limitation of the functionality of your device.

An automated email will be sent to the email address registered with your paypal account. You will receive this email within a minute or so after a succesfull payment.

Make sure you’re checking the correct email account…..do you have a different email for your paypal?

* Can I download to my iPad?

No! Many people have problems locating their downloads to an iPad as this isn’t something an iPad is designed to do. If you want to listen to your song from an iPad you must first download the file to a normal computer and then transfer it to your iPad in a program such as iTunes. iPads don’t have the same file system as a standard mac or pc, they are not designed for you to browse through files. Your iPad will actually download the file (which you won’t have access to)  and max out the amount of available downloads you have should you continue to click the download button or keep refreshing the page.

* Can I use B-Tracks songs to create a cover in a recording studio? As far as B-Tracks is concerned yes. So long as you credit B-Tracks where appropriate. Please research copyright law regarding your obligations to the original songwriter/label owner etc. Hint…you will at the very least need a mechanical license for each song you wish to cover if you sell your covers online.

* Can I use B-Tracks songs to create a youtube cover? Yes! In fact this is highly encouraged, please mention B-Tracks in your video, and please do your own copyright research. B-Tracks has no problem having you use your purchased B-Tracks songs to make covers.

Can I use B-Tracks songs to perform live paid or unpaid? Yes! See previous 2 answers… you get the idea 🙂

If you are having technical problems please email info@btracks.com.